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There is no need no more to be afraid of visiting the dentist, highly qualified specialists of our clinic guarantee to make it easy and enjoyable.

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Who stands behind the scenes?

Qualified specialists in their field, highly dedicated professionals, who provide high-quality dental services with the utmost care of your thirty-two.

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Our clinic provides a wide range of dental services: radiology, hygiene and prevention, pediatric dentistry, preventive dentistry, orthodontics, orthopedics, surgery and dental implantation.

Our services

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  • Diagnostics

    Our clinic is provided with modern diagnostic equipment and experienced dentists.

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  • Treatment of caries

    Our clinic specialists use various methods of dental treatment.

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  • Treatment of deep complicated caries

    This is laborious and complex process which includes longsome antiseptic therapy.

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  • Art restoration of teeth

    Art restoration is a way of the surface and the tooth structure restoration.

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  • Retainers

    One of such ways of prosthetics is an adhesive-denture bridge.

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  • Bleach

    There are different ways how to make your smile bright and attractive.

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  • Professional teeth cleaning Air Flow

    Jet-spray removes dark patina. Teeth become one to two shades lighter!

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  • Treatment of periodontal tissue with Vektor apparatus

    We work with the affected tissue infection at the micro level.

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  • Splinting of loose teeth

    A method of periodontitis treatment, the purpose of which is to strengthen loose teeth.

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  • Veneers

    Veneers are thin plates made of ceramics, which are glued to the outer surface of the tooth.

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  • Ceramic designs based on zirconium oxide

    Irconium oxide is a new material, which is highly durable, white and very esthetic.

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  • Cermets

    Cermet is successfully used for permanent prosthetic bridge structures and crowns.

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  • Partial denture

    This is a removable construction attached to the teeth by means of locks or clasps.

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  • Thermoplastic prosthesis

    A special kind of plastic that can acquire a given by technician elastic shape when heated.

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  • Acrylic dentures

    The acrylic prosthesis can be applied as a permanent solution to the problem of partial or fully edentulous.

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  • Implantation

    Implantation is an operation for installing the pin into the jaw bone.

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  • Reconstruction of the alveolar ridge

    The alveolar ridge is the top of the ridge, which was formed on the site of the lost roots.

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  • Sinus lift

    Sinus lift is a surgery to bone augmentation of the upper jaw

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  • Flap surgery

    Flap surgery in dentistry is the most effective surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

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  • Removal of teeth

    It’s the extreme measure, which is necessary to undergo only when there is nothing to do.

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  • Wisdom tooth removal

    Wisdom tooth removal procedure is considered to be not an easy one...

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  • Plastics of vestibule

    Vestibule plastic of mouth is shown at a shallow threshold of the oral cavity.

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  • Excision bridles of lips

    The detection of defects must be in time to diagnose and solve the problem.

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  • Microsurgery

    Because of binoculars, the doctor may well see the state of the patient's teeth.

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  • Eliminating the recession

    The recession is a disease of the soft tissues of the mouth, it is very common among the elderly people.

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  • Braces system installation

    Braces corrects malocclusion, put jaw in a proper place, align teeth.

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  • Hardware treatment

    Orthodontic devices, used for the treatment of dentoalveolar anomalies.

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  • Treatment with microimplants

    High accuracy and predictability of results.

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