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Alexander Krasnokutskiy

Alexander Krasnokutskiy, Doctor of the highest category

Doctor of the highest category. Specialization: surgery, orthopedics, therapy.

In 2001 he graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy in Poltava. He was trained in France, South Korea, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Beautiful smile is a key to success in all your endeavors.

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We are always aware of the latest technological advances, regularly attend up-to-date courses and thematic seminars.

  • Krasnokutskaya Lesya

    Krasnokutskaya Lesya Doctor of the first category, Dental therapist, orthodontist

    In 2001 she graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy in Poltava.

  • Klimenyuk Konstanin

    Klimenyuk Konstanin Orthopedist

    In 2011 he graduated from the “Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy”, specialty – dentistry.

  • Marina Mikolyuk

    Marina Mikolyuk Dental assistant

    In 2013 she graduated from Cherkasy medical college, specialty “Nurse” (Bachelor). In the same year she got a job in Dentistry 3D +.

  • Rakovskaya Maria

    Rakovskaya Maria Doctor-hygienist

    From 2009 to 2014 she studied at the National Medical University named after O.O.Bogomolets. She is a certified member of the master classes in dentistry.

  • Tatiana Dovga

    Tatiana Dovga Dental assistant

    From 2008 to 2012 she studied at Cherkasy medical college on a degree in paramedic. 3 years she worked in the second Cherkassy hospital, and now she works in Dentistry 3D +.

  • Stepanenko Svetlana

    Stepanenko Svetlana Administrator

    The participant of the “Competent and effective manager of medical institution. ”

  • Ivanna Akimova

    Ivanna Akimova Sterilization nurse

    From 2011 to 2015 she studied at Cherkasy medical college, specialty “Nurse”. Now she works in the Dentistry 3D +.

Smile with us

We have modern and secure devices for sighting and panoramic dental images in our disposal. It allows the doctor to get an objective picture of the disease and find the best way to solve the problem.

A modern pediatric dentistry – this is not a drill, and a terrifying evil irritable doctor. We do our best to get rid of not only the image of “evil masters of torture”, but also to make sure that the child wanted to care for their teeth.

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