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Cermets and constructions based on zirconium oxide (screw fixing)

Obviously, the main advantage of a screw fixing of the the prosthesis, when the prosthesis is attached directly to the implant screw or abutment, is the ability for an orthopedic prosthesis to be replaced easily and predictably. This may be necessary if the artificial tooth is worn down, needs to be fixed, and other breakdowns, – to remove the screw is enough.

The advantages of screw-retained prostheses
• The possibility of withdrawing.
• The factory, therefore, very precise machining of the connection surfaces.
• Do not happening cement extrusion, which is able to irritate the tissue and are difficult to remove.
• Provides a clear identification of failure points in excess of the load. Damage to the screw indicates mechanical overload.
• Allows to use consistently contoured components to create the necessary soft tissue contours.

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