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One of such ways of prosthetics is an adhesive-denture bridge (Maryland bridge), from which dentin does not suffer and there is no need for dissection of the neighboring teeth.

Fixed adhesive bridge prosthesis (retainer, or Maryland bridge) replaces one missing tooth in the tooth row, and there is no need to put a bridge or a crown on the neighboring teeth.

Made from fiberglass pin and ribbon dentists form the basis for the fixation of the dental prosthesis. Non-removable dentures are attached to specially treated pads on the two abutment teeth.

Fixed adhesive bridge prosthesis is not applied in case of the absence of several teeth in the tooth row, as the material used for the prosthesis, is quite fragile and cannot withstand a large load, which occurs when chewing.

The apply of adhesive-dental bridges can be finished in one visit, but on the condition that the mouth is sanitized.

Thanks to new fiberglass and composite materials and unique technology of adhesive bridge, prosthetics is becoming more common among the population. This technology allows you to replace the lost tooth without grinding off and depulpation of adjacent teeth.

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