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What is the metal crown?

The basis of the prosthesis is cast metal frame, topped with several ceramic layers. This unique product is made for every patient individually. It provides an ideal prosthesis fixation on the tooth and its quick adaptation.

Cermet is successfully used for permanent prosthetic bridge structures and crowns. When a tooth is badly damaged, it is impossible to put a filling or use other ways to restore the dentition, the metal crown is the most appropriate option.

3 main reasons to choose metal-ceramic crowns instead of other types of prosthetics:

  • Reliability – these crowns are up to 10 years;
  • The ideal ratio of price and quality;
  • This type combines stunning aesthetics and maximum duralibility.

Metal-ceramic crown covers native tooth very tight, and the bacteria and food particles do not get into.

Despite the fact that the crown is a prosthesis, it does not change the setting diction. Voice quality remains the same, because it repeats the shape of the patient’s natural teeth.

Come to the clinic 3D + and we will set you high-quality metal-ceramic crowns as painlessly as possible. You will be able to smile again free to constraint!

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