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Removal of teeth

It’s the extreme measure, which is necessary to undergo only when other options for an experienced dentist are not acceptable.

Removal of teeth – one of the most common methods of “treatment” in the dental practice. Frankly speaking, the removal of teeth – is an extreme measure, “the last argument of the dentist”, to paraphrase a famous saying. With any disease you must strive to maintain a living tooth. Referring dry medical-technical language, tooth extraction – an operation to extract a tooth from the tooth alveolus using special surgical instruments (generally forceps).

The removal of teeth is implemented by tunder anesthesia. Depending on how many roots of the tooth, its removal can be performed by twisting (cognate tooth) or loosening (multirooted). Complicated tooth extraction involves its preliminary crushing and removal in parts. In this case, the dentist is also assigned with the task of controlling so that in the formed cavity left no tooth fragments.

In dentistry, tooth removal can be divided into two broad categories: planned and emergency surgery. We run both types of tooth extraction painless and with modern technologies. Emergency removal is necessary if there is an acute purulent inflammation, already spreading to the bone, as well as in cases of severe dental pain and the inability of other forms of treatment.

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